The team at have been developing and hosting websites since the Internet was in its infancy. We have a superior knowledge of all the elements it takes to make a website great, from design and style to programming and back-end usability.


Our system makes designing and maintaining your custom bar website as easy as writing an email or using a word-processing software. If you can type and use a mouse, you can build your own website. We start by generating a customized template based on your specifications and what we learn about your business. You get a set of common pages, like menus, calendars, and contact forms, and we let you take the reins from there.

You can add as many pages as you want and upload as many images as you need to make your site truly reflective of your business. Our on-site editor makes designing and writing content for your pages simple. Click and drag images and tables, change background colors and text styles, all with the click of a mouse.

This takes a lot of the technical programming work out of it and lets you create powerful automation without any specialized knowledge of HTML or other programming languages.


This is one of the best tools for getting and retaining new customers for your bar. We have two casino-style games built into each website:

First is the poker applet. Players sign up to play 5-card-draw poker to try and win prizes. You get to set how many credits each player gets in a single day, what their odds of winning are, and what prizes they get for winning. At the end of the week, you’ll get an e-mail letting you know who the top players are and you can send them coupons for discounts, free drinks, or whatever promos you want to give. This will get them in the door and ensure they keep coming back – because who doesn’t love getting something for free?

Second is our slot machine game. Unlike the poker applet, players can win prizes immediately in the form of coupons they can print off and bring right into the bar that very day (rather than waiting until the end of the week). You choose the odds and the prizes, they spin the wheel, they come in for their prize, and they keep coming back for more.


Many bars have different things happening each night of the month, particularly if they feature live music or sporting events. The Calendar/Events page is laid out with these bars in mind.

This page shows a whole month's calendar at once. You can edit the content of each day to your liking. List what bands are playing this Friday and Saturday, or when the next pool or poker tournament takes place. Visitors can click on the events they're interested in to get more details.


Many bars and restaurants offer certain specials on different days of the week. The Specials page presents this information in a concise, at-a-glance manner so visitors looking for deals can find out what you offer quickly and easily. We pre-populate your week-long calendar with some of the more popular specialty nights, such as Taco Tuesdays, 1/2 Price Appetizer Night, etc. You can customize each day by changing the text, adding photos, and more. You can also add recurring events, like Karaoke Thursdays, Open Mic Mondays, or whatever themes you have for each night. This can also be a good place to let people know about special hours of operation or if you're not open on certain days.

Coupons can be a great way to lure in a visitor who might not otherwise convert to a customer. Many people decide where to eat or drink depending on what coupons they can find online. Your Coupons page is the perfect place to highlight deals and promos. Upload images or design text coupons right on the page which visitors can print out and bring in. (You may want to make certain exemptions, like Limit One Per Customer Per Week, to avoid abuse.)


A picture tells a thousand words, and potential customers can view photos of your business to get a good idea of the type of atmosphere to expect. Use Photo Gallery pages to display pictures of special events, live band performances, food and drink presentations, or just plain old people having a good time at your bar.

You can create specialized galleries for different themes, like Concerts, Poker Tournaments, Salsa Nights, Karaoke Nights, or whatever you think will lure in more customers. This can also be a place to bring regular customers together online to look at pictures of themselves and their friends partying it up.

E-Client Contact

Our proprietary client-management drip email software, E-client Contact, makes managing your customers and keeping contact easier than sending an email. Use your website and offline tools to gather customers’ emails and contact info. Forms on your site will add contacts directly to any number of campaigns you set up, and from there it can do the work for you.

Set up automated greeting emails to go out when someone signs up. Automate birthday emails to go out and offer customers coupons or free drinks on their birthdays. Send out a weekly newsletter letting everyone know what bands are playing, when the next poker or pool tournament is, or what drink specials you’ll have for the next upcoming holiday. Whatever information you want to convey, you can automate it and take the work right out of your hands.